Tap Into The Power Of Your Own Strength

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What are you really good at, better than most people in the world? What can you do so naturally and effortlessly that you might even wonder, “How did I do that?” Which innate gifts do you have, that you might not even be aware of?

If you don’t know your own strengths, then it is time to find out, so that you can use them to the fullest!

We can help you identify, develop, apply, and articulate your strengths…a process that can be positively life-changing!

Once you know your natural strengths, you can apply them in all aspects of your life: personal relationships, professional relationships, family dynamics, careers and community service.

We base our strengths coaching and training on the popular StrengthsFinder® test, which is also known as the CliftonStrengths® assessment. The personality test takes about 35-45 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete online, and the results are incredible. Once you’ve taken the test, you’ll know your top 5 strengths (out of 34 strengths themes), but that’s just the beginning.

We’ll help you interpret the results and give you guidance for how to make impactful changes in your life, changes based on capitalizing on your top strengths, and even using those strengths to overcome your weaknesses.

We provide customized StrengthsFinder® training for the following:

We’re pleased to offer a free 30-minute consultation. In the consultation, we can talk about what you’d like to accomplish and how we can help you achieve your goals.

We’re located in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we help clients throughout the United States and Canada.

For information, contact (720) 312-8737, or e-mail contact@strengthscoachingandtraining.com.

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Facts About StrengthsFinder® ~ CliftonStrengths® Assessment
Below are facts about the Clifton Strengths Assessment , which used to be called StrengthsFinder®.

Benefits Of StrengthsFinder® For Individuals
The main benefit of StrengthsFinder® for you, as an individual, is self-awareness. Once you know your strengths, you can better use them to your advantage. StrengthsFinder® helps you focus on what you have, not what you’re lacking.

Benefits Of StrengthsFinder® For Teams
The main benefit of StrengthsFinder® for you, as a member of a team or as a manager, is that once you know your own strengths and the strengths of your team members, you can work together more effectively, with less strife.

The Broad Appeal Of StrengthsFinder® / CliftonStrengths®
More than 31 million people have taken the StrengthsFinder® test.

StrengthsFinder® Test
An online personality test, StrengthsFinder® contains 177 questions and takes about 35-45 minutes to complete.

Cost Of StrengthsFinder® Test
For $24.99, you can take the test and find out your top five strengths (out of 34 strengths). For an additional $59.99, you can see all of your 34 strengths, listed in order, from strongest to weakest.

Only Need To Take StrengthsFinder® Once
As advised by Gallup® and in our experience, you only need to take StrengthsFinder® once. Even if it has been several years since you took the test, we can use those results to help coach you or train you.

Can Access All 34 Strengths At Anytime
If you took the $24.99 StrengthsFinder® test or used the access code that came with a StrengthsFinder® book, you can still access all 34 strengths. You will just need to log back in to your StrengthsFinder® account and pay an additional fee to unlock access to all 34 of your strengths.

Worldwide Appeal
StrengthsFinder® is available in more than 20 languages.

Churches And Non-Profit Organizations
In addition to offering StrengthsFinder® training for small businesses and corporations, we also offer StrengthsFinder® training for churches and StrengthsFinder® training for non-profit organizations.