Team Building With StrengthsFinder® For Corporate Mergers

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Cog Wheels with Success WordsWhen two companies merge, one of the main goals is to create new teams within the organization that coalesce as quickly as possible. Worst case scenario is that weeks, months, or even years down the line, you still have people entrenched in an “us versus them” mentality and still resistant to change.

Challenges Of Team Building After A Company Merger
Most people hate change, and company mergers are big changes! After a corporate merger, there might be difficulties with:

  • workplace culture clashes
  • trust issues
  • communication barriers
  • role redundancies
  • adapting to new leadership and management styles
  • alignment of goals and objectives
  • integration of processes and systems
  • uncertainty and resistance to change

StrengthsFinder® As A Framework For Team Building After A Company Merger
Fortunately, StrengthsFinder® offers the perfect framework for team building, because it quickly and easily identifies a person’s top 5 strengths (from a list of 34 strengths).

StrengthsFinder® is one of the best icebreaking, “get to know you” tools out there! The 177-question online personality test takes just 35-45 minutes to complete, and the results are astounding!

Thanks to StrengthsFinder®, individuals know more about themselves and can lean into their natural talents. Team members are introduced to each other in a quick and efficient way that nothing else can mimic. And leaders and managers know more about each member of their team and can communicate more effectively and assign roles more strategically.

StrengthsFinder® Training And Workshops For Company Mergers
We offer remote and in-person StrengthsFinder® team building trainings and workshops for teams that are part of company mergers, and we can customize these to meet your exact needs.

In our StrengthsFinder® trainings and workshops, we typically cover:

  • strengths charting for the entire team (a compilation of each team member’s top 5 strengths)
  • overview of the 34 StrengthsFinder® strengths
  • examples of the combinations of a person’s top 5 strengths
  • contributions, needs, triggers, and overuse patterns of the 34 StrengthsFinder® strengths and how they can impact teams
  • case studies

We’re happy to accommodate your schedule, including providing trainings and workshops on nights and weekends.

For more information about our team building training and workshops for company mergers, please call (720) 312-8737, or e-mail

Please note: Based in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico, we can deliver in-person StrengthsFinder® trainings and workshops all across the United States, as well as remotely.

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