StrengthsFinder Training For Human Resources Managers

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As a human resources manager, part of your responsibility might include team building and support leadership development.

If you’re familiar with the Gallup StrengthsFinder test, you know what a powerful tool it can be to help people identify their own strengths and to recognize and appreciate the strengths of other members on their team.

If you’ve taken the StrengthsFinder test and/or some of the people in your organization have taken StrengthsFinder, that’s a great first step.

But if you’d like to take your StrengthsFinder knowledge, experience, and expertise to the next level, we’d be happy to provide you with training, coaching, and support.

Our StrengthsFinder services for human resource mangers include the following:

Using StrengthsFinder in your company can be extremely helpful if you’re experiencing significant organizational changes, including:

  • new leadership
  • new management teams
  • restructuring of the org chart
  • reorganization of team members
  • mergers or acquisitions
  • staffing up quickly
  • new departments, divisions, offices, branches, or locations
  • start-up or growth pains
  • downsizing

We work with human resource directors, managers, and personnel in companies and organizations of all sizes, across the United States.

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Please make note: In addition to specialized StrengthsFinder training for Human Resources Managers, we also provide training for Executive Coaches, Business Coaches, Life Coaches, and Career Coaches.