StrengthsFinder®: One-On-One Training

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We offer one-on-one training on StrengthsFinder® for:

Our one-on-one StrengthsFinder® training is individualized to your exact needs, delivered according to your timeframe.

These are some of the topics that are often included in our one-on-one StrengthsFinder® trainings:

  • how to use your own unique strengths to consistently reflect and deliver your values and vision
  • how to understand and benefit from other people’s strengths
  • how to effectively communicate, by using your own strengths and speaking to other people’s strengths
  • how to use StrengthsFinder® with your colleagues, staff, or team
  • how to develop the strengths of teams (by knowing individual and collective strengths)

For information about our one-on-one StrengthsFinder® training, please call (720) 312-8737, or e-mail

Note: We’re Located in Denver and Santa Fe, and we work with clients throughout Colorado and the U.S. In addition to providing individualized StrengthsFinder® training, we also offer customized StrengthsFinder® workshops and remote training on StrengthsFinder® (delivered via conference calls).