How Can You Use StrengthsFinder®

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The magic of StrengthsFinder is that you can take the personality test in less than 45 minutes and immediately find out your top five strengths.

Taking the StrengthsFinder® test is just the first step, though. Let us help you take the next steps by actively developing your strengths into everything you do!

We offer StrengthsFinder® coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations.

During your free 30-minute consultation, we will discuss how we can work together to create the outcomes you want.

Use StrengthsFinder® Personally
You can use StrengthsFinder® personally to:

  • understand yourself better
  • find work that you love, love, love
  • boost your confidence – “I got this”
  • leverage your strengths in every aspect of your life
  • improve your relationships with your romantic partner, your family, and your friends
  • pursue activities and interests that will allow you to actively use your innate gifts
  • compensate for weaknesses by letting your strengths flourish

Use StrengthsFinder® Professionally
You can use StrengthsFinder® professionally to:

  • make great job and career choices
  • gain clarity about what you can consistently, almost flawlessly, deliver
  • advance professionally by using your “best, highest self” in all you do
  • work more effectively with other people because you understand your own strengths (and weaknesses)

Use StrengthsFinder® To Manage People
As a team manager and leader, you can use StrengthsFinder® to:

  • reduce employee turnover
  • increase employee engagement
  • build an effective, happy, productive team
  • shift responsibilities on the team, to capitalize on the strengths of each team member
  • create partnerships among team members to overcome weaknesses and leverage strengths
  • be more strategic about assigning tasks, projects, and jobs
  • encourage dialog among team members (not only during team-building exercises, but year-round)
  • improve each team member’s understanding and appreciation of other team members
  • reduce misunderstandings, conflict, and strife among team members

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Please note: We are based out of Denver, Colorado, and we help organizations, teams, and individuals throughout the United States and Canada. We provide customized StrengthsFinder® training for teams and managers (remote and on-site).