StrengthsFinder Coaching For Business Owners

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The majority of small business owners have to wear a lot of different hats, sometimes all at once, and many owners have trouble relinquishing control.

But the only way to maintain a semblance of work-life balance and/or grow your business is to hire competent, engaged employees.

Far more so than on most corporate teams, all of the employees in a small business have to carry their own weight. Excessive employee turnover in a small business can mean the difference between profit and loss, between a business that’s healthy and one that’s hanging on by a thread. You can’t afford to make bad hires or to lose valued workers because they become disengaged.

Whether you’re planning for your first hire, or your 100th hire…starting a new business or looking to improve an existing business…searching for a team-building exercise that makes sense or wanting to make some major changes…we can help you!

We’re pleased to offer StrengthsFinder coaching for small business owners. These coaching sessions take place by phone, in one-on-one sessions.

Through StrengthsFinder coaching, we can help you personally:

  • uncover your own strengths
  • develop strategies to use your strengths to neutralize your weaknesses
  • determine which jobs, tasks, projects, and responsibilities you’d like to let go of
  • identify and articulate your vision for your company

Through StrengthsFinder coaching, we can also help you as an owner and manager:

  • hire great employees
  • retain great employees by letting them work within their strengths
  • build a stronger, more effective team

The StrengthsFinder test takes about 35-45 minutes to complete online, and the results are amazing! Based on the answers to 177 questions, you’ll find out your top 5 strengths, out of a list of 34 strengths (also known as themes).

The beauty of StrengthsFinder is that most people can immediately understand how it works, and the results seem to really resonate with people. They can instantly recognize their own strengths and those of their co-workers. These strengths fall into one of four main areas (domains): Strategic Thinking, Executing, Influencing, and Relationship building.

Ideally, across your team of employees, you’d have a variety of strengths – and the right people would be assigned the right jobs and projects. We can help make that happen!

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Please note: We’re based in Denver, Colorado, and we work with clients in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to StrengthsFinder coaching for business owners, we also offer coaching for individuals, leaders, couples, organizations, consultants, coaches, and teams.