Team Building For Remote Teams: How To Use StrengthsFinder®

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Teams who work remotely don’t have the same built-in opportunities to connect with their co-workers as those who work side-by-side or in the same building. Remote team members can’t chit-chat at the water cooler, converse on a lunch break, or catch up after a team meeting.

As a result, remote teams face a unique set of challenges, some of which can be addressed with StrengthsFinder®. Let’s take a look at how StrengthsFinder® can help remote teams come together.

Increase Engagement With Your Remote Team
Because the members of your team are physically separated, it wouldn’t be unusual for some or all of them to experience feelings of loneliness and/or isolation, which can lead to disengagement. What if you could counter this by creating a robust support system for your team members?

“You Can Count On Me”
We recommend that you do this by creating a “You Can Count On Me” document that details the top 5 strengths of each team member. StrengthsFinder® makes it so easy to know which team member is good at what. By creating “You Can Count On Me” document for your team, you’ll not only remind people of their teammates’ strengths, by you’ll also highlight each individual’s strengths.

Start your “You Can Count On Me” document by listing each team members’ top 5 strengths. Next, have each team member self-report 3-5 things that others on the team can count on them for. Then, have team members add things that they’ve seen that they can count on in their co-workers. This added step not only encourages a “shout-out” from one team member to another, but it also creates a list of resources and assistance that can be found within the team.

An Example Of “You Can Count On Me” In Practice
Here’s an example of this team-building tool at work…

Jennifer’s Top 5 Strengths: Strategic®, Achiever®, Analytical®, Futuristic®, and Learner®

Jennifer’s own “You Can Count On Me” contributions: “I can help with strategies and analysis, as well as forecasting. I also love to teach people new processes.”

Jennifer’s “You can Count On Me” contributions from her teammates: “Jennifer is a really patient teacher. She’s also good at reviewing plans, poking holes in them, and coming up with solutions.”

Make your “You Can Count On Me” a shared document, that everyone can add to, at will. As it grows, so, too, will the engagement, connections. and long-distance friendships on your remote team.

We Can Help
Speaking of remote, we offer remote workshops, as well as remote trainings and team-building events for teams of all sizes.

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Ann Strong has more than 25 years of training and coaching experience and 20 years StrengthsFinder® experience. She offers StrengthsFinder® training and coaching in Denver, Colorado and throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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