Team Building With StrengthsFinder® For Teams That Have Experienced Layoffs Or Downsizing

Turn A Negative Into A Positive

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Cog Wheels with Teamwork and Change WordsBuilding or rebuilding a team after layoffs or downsizing can be challenging! These events can have a significant impact on morale, trust, motivation, and cohesion within the remaining workforce.

People might be afraid, worrying that they could be next. They might feel resentful about being asked to do more with less. They might distrust leadership.

Challenges That Teams Face After Layoffs Or Downsizing
After layoffs or downsizing, teams often face challenges that can include:

  • decreased morale and motivation
  • increased workload and stress
  • higher risk for burnout
  • altered team dynamics
  • loss of team cohesion
  • fear of making mistakes that could lead to job loss
  • concern about future layoffs
  • distrust in leadership
  • survivor guilt

Rebuilding A Team After Layoffs Or Downsizing
Successfully overcoming these challenges and team building after layoffs or downsizing requires a thoughtful approach that helps people find new motivation and a commitment to their roles. The rebuilding process can go much more smoothly if you’re able to focus on creating a positive team culture, one that’s based on StrengthsFinder®.

StrengthsFinder® For Team Building After Layoffs Or Downsizing
StrengthsFinder® is a personality assessment that identifies a person’s top 5 strengths, out of 34 strengths. Developed by the Gallup® organization and now known as CliftonStrengths®, this online test consists of 177 questions and takes about 35-45 minutes to complete.

When people know their own strengths, and the strengths of everyone else on the team, it can have a positive, lasting impact on a team.

StrengthsFinder® Implementation Tips
Here are some tips for getting the most out of StrengthsFinder® for your team:

Transparent Communication: Start by clearly communicating the purpose and benefits of using StrengthsFinder®, in the context of rebuilding after layoffs.

Inclusive Process: Ensure that all of your team members have the opportunity to discover their strengths and are able to discuss how they can be integrated into the team’s new direction.

Ongoing Support: Don’t use StrengthsFinder® as a “one and done” solution. Instead, incorporate StrengthsFinder® into all of your one-on-one and team building efforts. Focus on strengths in your regular check-ins, feedback sessions, personal improvement plans, and career development discussions.

StrengthsFinder® Training And Workshops For Teams That Have Experienced Layoffs Or Downsizing
We offer remote and in-person StrengthsFinder® team building trainings and workshops for teams that have experienced layoffs or downsizing, and we can customize these to meet your exact needs.

In our StrengthsFinder® trainings and workshops, we typically cover:

  • strengths charting for the entire team (a compilation of each team member’s top 5 strengths)
  • overview of the 34 StrengthsFinder® strengths
  • examples of the combinations of a person’s top 5 strengths
  • contributions, needs, triggers, and overuse patterns of the 34 StrengthsFinder® strengths and how they can impact teams
  • case studies

We’re happy to accommodate your schedule, including providing trainings and workshops on nights and weekends.

For more information about our StrengthsFinder® training and workshops for teams that have experienced layoffs or downsizing, please call (720) 312-8737, or e-mail

Please note: Based in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico, we can deliver in-person StrengthsFinder® trainings and workshops all across the United States, as well as remotely.

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