StrengthsFinder Training

SPECIAL OFFER – EXPIRES NOVEMBER 1, 2021: We’re pleased to offer a StrengthsFinder training package (that includes 2 remote/online sessions) for just $300. To learn more, please call (720) 312-8737, or e-mail

The beauty of StrengthsFinder is that it is easy to take the test and easy to understand the results, on a surface level.

But digging into what the results really mean, how the 5 top strengths combine to create an “uber” strength, and how those strengths can be applied in life-changing ways, well, that gets more complicated.

Interpreting and looking at a wholistic picture of how an entire team’s strengths coalesce (or clash), now that’s when it gets really challenging!

If you would like to take your interest in StrengthsFinder to the next level, we would love to offer you StrengthsFinder training.

We deliver StrengthsFinder training in the formats listed below.

One-on-One StrengthsFinder Training
If you are a coach, consultant, HR trainer, HR business partner, manager, or leader, we can help you add another tool to your toolkit. We’ll customize a training package for you that will increase your expertise and enable you to offer StrengthsFinder coaching or consulting as one of your services.

Customized StrengthsFinder Workshops
We offer on-site workshops for HR business partners, teams, managers, and executives, and we’ll customize the StrengthsFinder workshops to your specific and needs. These StrengthsFinder trainings are typically half-day or all-day workshops.

Remote StrengthsFinder Trainings
In our remote StrengthsFinder trainings, delivered through group conference calls, we can follow-up on a StrengthsFinder workshop that we presented to your team, or start from scratch. We’ll customize the trainings to your specific company and needs, and pick a cadence that works for you (bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).

We offer a variety of StrengthsFinder training packages, ranging from a quick-start package to ongoing, intensive trainings.

For more information about StrengthsFinder training, or to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, please call (720) 312-8737, click here to book a consult, or e-mail

Please note: In addition to StrengthsFinder training, we also offer StrengthsFinder coaching. Our StrengthsFinder company is based in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico and we provide StrengthsFinder services for clients across the U.S. and Canada.