StrengthsFinder FAQs ~ CliftonStrengths Assessment FAQs

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Below are some of the frequently asked questions about our services and about StrengthsFinder, which is also known as the CliftonStrengths assessment.

Who Do You Work With?
We offer StrengthsFinder coaching and StrengthsFinder training for: individuals, business owners, teams, organizations, and executives and managers.

What Is StrengthsFinder?
Now known as the CliftonStrengths assessment, StrengthsFinder is a personality test that unveils your 34 strengths (themes), which fall into one of four categories (domains).

How Much Does The StrengthsFinder Test Cost?
For $34, you can buy the book Discover Your CliftonStrengths and get the access code to take the StrengthsFinder test and learn your top five strengths. Or, you can take the StrengthsFinder test online for $19.99 and learn your top five strengths. For an additional $39.99, you can learn all of the 34 strengths, in order. Or, you can take the test online and unlock all 34 strengths (not just your top 5) for $49.99.

How Does StrengthsFinder Compare To Other Personality Tests?
The results from StrengthsFinder seem to resonate more with people than other top personality tests, such as Myers-Briggs (MBIT), DISC, and Enneagram.

How Many People Have Taken StrengthsFinder?
Over 25 million people have taken the CliftonStrengths test, also known as StrengthsFinder.

How Many Strengths Are in StrengthsFinder?
There are 34 strengths in the StrengthsFinder test (aka CliftonStrengths test). With the standard results from the test (which costs $19.99), you will find out your top five strengths, in order. For an additional $39.99, you can find out all 34 of your strengths, from strongest to weakest.

How Many Categories Are In StrengthsFinder?
There are four categories, known as domains in StrengthsFinder (CliftonStrengths). The domains are: Executing, Influencing, Strategic Thinking, and Relationship Building.

Who Created The StrengthsFinder Test?
The StrengthsFinder test was developed by the Gallup Organization.

How Many Questions Are On The StrengthsFinder Test?
The StrengthsFinder assessment has 177 questions on it.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The StrengthsFinder Test?
The StrengthsFinder test (CliftonStrengths assessments) takes most people about 35-45 minutes to complete. You take the test online and then immediately see your results.

Who Is Donald Clifton?
Donald Clifton, who died in 2003, was the former chairman of Gallup, the organization that created the StrengthsFinder test. The StrengthsFinder test has since been renamed the CliftonStrengths Assessment.

Can Children Take The StrengthsFinder Test?
Gallup developed a test and a book for kids, StrengthsExplorer, which is aimed at children ages ten through fourteen. Older children can take the regular StrengthsFinder test, which is aimed at a reading level of grade ten. Both StrengthsFinder tests can help kids boost self-awareness, and can be a great first step in career exploration.

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