StrengthsFinder Themes – 34 Strengths

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StrengthsFinder is one of the best personality tests available. Produced by the Gallup organization, the online test includes 177 questions and takes about 35-45 minutes to complete.

Based on years of research and test results from 1.7 million professionals (across a variety of industries), Gallup has broken down people’s strengths into 34 categories.

The StrengthsFinder strengths are listed below, in alphabetical order. Next to each one is the StrengthsFinder domain, or main area the strength lies within.

  1. Achiever (Executing)
  2. Activator (Influencing)
  3. Adaptability (Relationship Building)
  4. Analytical (Strategic Thinking)
  5. Arranger (Executing)
  6. Belief (Executing)
  7. Command (Influencing)
  8. Communication (Influencing)
  9. Competition (Influencing)
  10. Connectedness (Relationship Building)
  11. Consistency (Executing)
  12. Context (Strategic Thinking)
  13. Deliberative (Executing)
  14. Developer (Relationship Building)
  15. Discipline (Executing)
  16. Empathy (Relationship Building)
  17. Focus (Executing)
  18. Futuristic (Strategic Thinking)
  19. Harmony (Relationship Building)
  20. Ideation (Strategic Thinking)
  21. Includer (Relationship Building)
  22. Individualization (Relationship Building)
  23. Input (Strategic Thinking)
  24. Intellection (Strategic Thinking)
  25. Learner (Strategic Thinking)
  26. Maximizer (Influencing)
  27. Positivity (Relationship Building)
  28. Relator (Relationship Building)
  29. Responsibility (Executing)
  30. Restorative (Executing)
  31. Self-Assurance (Influencing)
  32. Significance (Influencing)
  33. Strategic (Strategic Thinking)
  34. Woo (Influencing)

Once you’ve taken the StrengthsFinder test, it’ll identify your top 5 strengths.

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