StrengthsFinder® Domains – 4 Areas Of Strength

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The StrengthsFinder® test covers 34 different strengths, also known as themes, which are categorized into four different domains or areas.

These are the four StrengthsFinder® domains:

  • Executing
  • Influencing
  • Relationship Building
  • Strategic Thinking

StrengthsFinder® Executing Strengths
There are nine strengths in the Executing category. The Executing strengths relate to taking action, getting things done, implementing ideas, making things happen. People with strengths in the Executing domain can take an idea and make it a reality.

StrengthsFinder® Influencing Strengths
There are eight strengths in the Influencing category. The Influencing strengths relate to communication, persuasion, the ability to influence others, and sales. People with strengths in the Influencing domain can take an idea, speak up, and sell the idea to others.

StrengthsFinder® Relationship Building Strengths
There are nine strengths in the Relationship Building category. The Relationship Building strengths relate to people, relationships, individuals and teams, and human connectedness. People with strengths in the Relationship Building domain can bring people together and keep them together, creating a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.

StrengthsFinder® Strategic Thinking Building Strengths
There are eight strengths in the Strategic Thinking category. The Strategic Thinking strengths relate to absorbing information, strategizing, coming up with plans, understanding situations, and predicting outcomes. People with strengths in the Strategic Thinking domain can plan for the future and focus on what “could be,” always absorbing and analyzing information in order to make better decisions.

The results from StrengthsFinder® can be particularly impactful – more so than from other personality tests – because of the identification of specific strengths, and the combination of those strengths.

For example, if you have three or four strengths in the same domain (e.g. Strategic Thinking), you’d be apt to excel at certain tasks, projects, and jobs. Or, if you’re lacking strengths in a domain (e.g. Influencing), you may struggle in certain areas.

Knowing more about yourself, thanks to StrengthsFinder®, can help you on a personal and also professional level. And knowing more about the people around you (colleagues, family, friends, and partners) can make relationships easier, more productive, and more fulfilling.

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Note: Ann Strong has more than 25 years experience in coaching and 20 years experience in StrengthsFinder®. Ann is based Denver, and she works with clients throughout the Denver metro area, the United States, and Canada. She specializes in customized StrengthsFinder® training for teams and managers (training which can be delivered remotely or on-site).

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