StrengthsFinder Coaching

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It takes under an hour to take the StrengthsFinder test online, and just seconds to get your top five strengths, out of a possible 34 strengths.

But then what? What are you supposed to do with the StrengthsFinder results? Identifying your strengths is the easy part – figuring out how to apply them in your personal and professional life can be the more challenging step.

The key to getting the full benefit out of StrengthsFinder is to not only know your top 5 strengths, but also to understand how your strengths work together. It’s the combination of strengths that makes each person unique – and there are more than 33 million possible combinations.

We have over 10 years of experience working with StrengthsFinder, with individuals and teams. We’ve helped thousands of people identify, develop, apply, and articulate their strengths.

We’re pleased to offer StrengthsFinder coaching for:

The coaching sessions take place by phone, in one-on-one or in group sessions.

We offer a variety of StrengthsFinder coaching packages, ranging from a quick-start coaching session to ongoing, intensive coaching.

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Please make note: In addition to StrengthsFinder coaching, we also offer StrengthsFinder training. We’re located in the Denver metro area and in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we provide services for clients across the U.S. and Canada.