Team Building With StrengthsFinder® For Tech Teams

Increase Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration, And Cohesion

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Board with Teamwork WordsManaging a tech team can be an exciting, and challenging, endeavor! Exciting because technology is always evolving, no day is the same, and you get to work with team members who have highly specialized skills and focus. Challenging because you might be dealing with seemingly impossible workloads and tight deadlines, burnout among team members, cultural and language differences, specialization silos and a constant influx of new team members.

More, perhaps than any other type of team, tech teams are often working remotely, yet are dependent on each other.

Using StrengthsFinder® For Team Building For Tech Teams
Team building that helps increase communication, cooperation, and collaboration could help make the team more engaged, efficient, and productive. StrengthsFinder® might be just the tool that you’ve been looking for to bring your team together – in a measurable, sustainable way.

Developed by the Gallup® organization, StrengthsFinder® is a simple, yet powerful, assessment tool. The online test takes just 35-45 minutes to complete, and it identifies a person’s top 5 strengths (out of a list of 34 StrengthsFinder® strengths).

Knowing your own strengths can be extremely enlightening and beneficial, but when each person on the tech team is also privy to the strengths of everyone else, the results are astounding.

StrengthsFinder® Benefits Each Person On The Tech Team
The StrengthsFinder® assessment helps each person identify their own unique, innate strengths. By understanding and leaning into what they do best, people can grow personally and professionally.

StrengthsFinder® Benefits The Tech Team As A Whole
By leveraging the insights gained from StrengthsFinder®, people on tech teams can work together more efficiently and collaboratively. With a better understanding of each other, team members might feel more comfortable sharing ideas, feedback, and concerns…and asking for and offering help.

StrengthsFinder® Benefits Leaders And Managers Of Tech Teams
Tech team leaders and managers who have StrengthsFinder® results in hand are better able to understand each team member’s strengths, strategically assign roles and projects, build complementary teams, and adjust their own communication styles.

StrengthsFinder® Can Help With Team Building For Tech Teams
StrengthsFinder® can be a helpful team building tool for all types of tech teams and tech companies, including:

  • software development teams
  • hardware development teams
  • tech support teams
  • IT teams
  • network teams
  • infrastructure teams
  • cybersecurity teams
  • data science and analytics teams
  • quality assurance and testing teams
  • DevOps teams
  • user experience (UX) teams
  • user interface (UI) design teams
  • project management teams
  • research and development (R&D) teams
  • leadership teams
  • executive teams
  • C-level teams
  • management teams
  • department teams
  • cross-functional teams

StrengthsFinder® Training And Workshops For Tech Teams
We offer remote and in-person StrengthsFinder® team building and trainings and workshops for tech teams, and we can customize these to meet your exact needs.

In our StrengthsFinder® trainings and workshops, we typically cover:

  • strengths charting for the entire team (a compilation of each team member’s top 5 strengths)
  • overview of the 34 StrengthsFinder® strengths
  • examples of the combinations of a person’s top 5 strengths
  • contributions, needs, triggers, and overuse patterns of the 34 StrengthsFinder® strengths and how they can impact teams
  • case studies

We’re happy to accommodate your schedule, including providing trainings and workshops on nights and weekends.

For more information about our team building training and workshops for tech teams, please call (720) 312-8737, or e-mail

Please note: Based in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico, we can deliver in-person StrengthsFinder® trainings and workshops all across the United States, as well as remotely.

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