Team Building With StrengthsFinder® Training And Workshops

Self-Awareness + Mutual Respect = Better Team Performance

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StrengthsFinderCog Wheels with Teamwork and Change Words® is an assessment tool that helps people discover their top strengths and talents, which makes it extremely helpful for team building!

Developed by the Gallup® organization and now known as CliftonStrengths®, StrengthsFinder® is grounded in positive psychology and provides insights into how people can leverage their innate talents for greater personal and professional success.

When applied to team building, StrengthsFinder® can help increase productivity, improve team dynamics, and foster a more positive workplace culture.

StrengthsFinder® Can Help Enhance Self-Awareness
One of the primary benefits of using the StrengthsFinder® assessment in team building is enhanced self-awareness. By identifying and understanding their own strengths, individuals can gain valuable insights into their preferred working styles, motivations, and areas in which they excel. This self-awareness can enable team members to approach tasks and challenges in ways that play to their strengths, making them happier and more effective in their roles.

StrengthsFinder® Can Help Foster Mutual Understanding
When team members share their strengths with one another during a StrengthsFinder® training or workshop, it can help foster a culture of mutual respect and appreciation. Understanding the diverse strengths within the team allows members to see the unique value each person brings to the table, which can help promote a sense of belonging and an appreciation for the contributions of others. Differences, when viewed through the eyes of StrengthsFinder®, become pluses, not minuses. This mutual understanding is crucial for building strong, cohesive teams that can work together harmoniously and efficiently.

StrengthsFinder® Can Help Maximize Team Performance
The StrengthsFinder® test can help maximize team performance when leaders use the information to more effectively assign tasks, projects, and roles that align with the natural talents of team members. When individuals are engaged in roles that leverage their strengths, they are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and productive. This alignment can help boost the performance of each team member, as well as enhance the overall efficiency and output of the team.

Teams that utilize the insights from the StrengthsFinder® test can strategically assign tasks and projects based on members’ strengths, ensuring that each task is approached with the best possible skill set. This strategic alignment leads to higher quality work, faster completion times, and increased innovation as team members are encouraged to apply their unique strengths to solve problems and develop creative solutions.

StrengthsFinder® Can Help Improve Team Dynamics and Communication
The StrengthsFinder® test also plays a crucial role in improving team dynamics and communication. By understanding the strengths and working styles of each team member, individuals can adjust their communication and collaboration approaches to better align with their colleagues. This understanding can help mitigate conflicts and misunderstandings that often arise from differing perspectives and approaches to work.

Teams that are aware of each member’s strengths can develop more effective communication strategies, ensuring that information is shared and understood in ways that resonate with everyone. This improved communication helps create a supportive environment in which team members feel valued and understood.

StrengthsFinder® Training And Team Building Workshops
We offer StrengthsFinder® training (for individuals and groups), as well as StrengthsFinder® workshops. We can train or facilitate StrengthsFinder® workshops for all types of teams and circumstances, including:

In our StrengthsFinder® trainings and workshops, we typically cover:

  • strengths charting for the entire team (a compilation of each team member’s top 5 strengths)
  • overview of the 34 StrengthsFinder® strengths
  • examples of the combinations of a person’s top 5 strengths
  • contributions, needs, triggers, and overuse patterns of the 34 StrengthsFinder® strengths and how they can impact teams
  • case studies

We can customize our StrengthsFinder® trainings and workshops, and we can deliver them in person or remotely. We’re happy to accommodate your schedule, including providing trainings and workshops on nights and weekends.

For more information about our StrengthsFinder® trainings and workshops for team building, please call (720) 312-8737, or e-mail

Please note: Based in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico, we can deliver in-person StrengthsFinder® trainings and workshops all across the United States, as well as remotely.

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