Why Hire A StrengthFinder Trainer For Team Building

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In our StrengthsFinder® team building sessions, we focus on how to identify and develop individuals’ strengths and how to get team members to partner according to strengths (and non-strengths).

This strengths-based approach to team building has far-reaching benefits.

Benefits Of StrengthsFinder® For Individual Team Members
When individuals understand their top 5 strengths, they typically derive more fulfillment from work and have a greater ability to make unique and meaningful contributions to the team. People who “own” their strengths are also more likely to use them to their fullest and to help team members who don’t have the same strengths.

Benefits Of StrengthsFinder® For The Team As A Whole
If team members understand not only their own strengths, but also the top strengths of everyone else on the team, the result is a stronger team.

Teams who actively use StrengthsFinder® are often:

  • more creative and productive
  • more engaged with the work
  • more collaborative and cooperative
  • less competitive

Benefits Of Bringing In An Outside StrengthsFinder® Trainer
If you’re well-versed in StrengthsFinder®, you might be tempted to conduct StrengthsFinder® exercises with your team on your own. But it’s important to know that if StrengthsFinder® is interpreted and/or used improperly, it can do more harm than good, causing damage that can be hard to unravel.

As experienced StrengthsFinder® trainers, we go to great lengths to make sure that StrengthsFinder® is a positive experience for all of your team members. We help ensure this, in part, by bringing objectivity to our workshops and remote sessions. We don’t have any preconceived notions about who’s the star or who isn’t pulling their weight. In our trainings, everyone starts with a clean slate.

Our professional facilitation also ensures that everyone on the team is able to fully participate in the team building. Because we’ve worked with many different sizes of teams, across a variety of organizations and industries, we’re constantly able to bring up “real-world” examples of people putting their strengths to good use.

While many managers and leaders might be able to isolate each of the 34 StrengthsFinder® strengths and understand them, knowing how a combination of strengths works requires extensive experience, which we have. In a team building session, we can quickly and accurately identify which strengths are working well and which might be causing conflict – in individuals and the team as a whole.

StrengthsFinder® Team Building Packages
We offer several types of StrengthsFinder® team building options, from introductory to deep dives. We’ll customize the team building for your exact needs, and we offer in-person team building (in Denver and Santa Fe), as well as remote sessions.

For more information to address your specific StrengthsFinder® team building needs, call Ann Strong at (720) 312-8737 or e-mail contact@strengthscoachingandtraining.com.

Ann Strong has more than 25 years of training and coaching experience and 20 years of StrengthsFinder® experience. She offers StrengthsFinder® training and coaching in Denver, Colorado and throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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