StrengthsFinder®: Train The Trainer

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If you’re committed to using StrengthsFinder® for ongoing StrengthsFinder® development throughout your company, hiring a StrengthsFinder® trainer to train yourself or another trainer makes good sense!

Once you or another trainer is trained, you have an internal go-to person and don’t need to continue to hire outside trainers.

We can train you – or anyone in your company – to become a StrengthsFinder® trainer. Typically we train HR business partners and HR managers, leaders and managers, executive teams, and small business owners.

We offer several types of StrengthsFinder® train-the-trainer packages, from introductory to deep dive. We’re happy to customize a training for your exact needs, and we offer remote StrengthsFinder® trainings, both for trainers and teams.

We work with all types of organizations, including:

  • companies of all sizes (from start-ups to multi-national corporations)
  • colleges and universities
  • non-profit organizations
  • churches

We can deliver StrengthsFinder® training for trainers in the following manners:

  • one-on-one trainings
  • small groups (that you put together or we put together)
  • remote trainings
  • in-person trainings (you can come to Denver, Colorado or Santa Fe, New Mexico for the training)
  • ongoing support for StrengthsFinder®
  • ongoing mentoring for StrengthsFinder®

For more information about StrengthsFinder® training, call Ann Strong at (720) 312-8737 or e-mail

Ann Strong has more than 25 years of training and coaching experience and 20 years StrengthsFinder® experience. She offers StrengthsFinder® training and coaching in Denver, Colorado and throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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