StrengthsFinder® Coaching For Couples

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We’re pleased to offer coaching for couples, based on the StrengthsFinder® test. These coaching sessions take place by phone, at a time that works for you and your partner.

The StrengthsFinder® personality test (now known as the CliftonStrengths® assessment) identifies your top five strengths, out of a list of 34 strengths.

It is helpful for you to know what your strengths are, but imagine how powerful it could be if you could articulate those strengths to your partner, and also learn about your partner’s strengths.

As a couple, it’s easy to fall into patterns of unspoken expectations, disappointment, and hurt feelings. StrengthsFinder® coaching can help break those patterns.

Our approach to StrengthsFinder® coaching for couples is based on the belief that each of you has innate strengths, which are your gifts. The more aligned you are with your gifts, the easier it is to enjoy success – in all aspects of your life.

But what if some of your strengths happen to be your partner’s weaknesses, or vice versa? Opposites often attract, and it takes self-awareness, understanding, and loving communication to make a relationship work, particularly if you have dramatically different strengths and weaknesses. Many couples are pleasantly surprised to realize what a great team they’ve created with their complementary strengths.

The focus of our coaching for couples will be to identify the top five strengths for each of you, and to teach you about what the combination of your strengths means, for you as an individual and for you as partners.

Through StrengthsFinder® coaching, we can help you:

  • understand each others strengths (and weaknesses)
  • appreciate each other more
  • communicate more lovingly and effectually
  • identify and eliminate potential areas of conflict or discord
  • resolve misunderstandings more quickly
  • leverage both of your strengths for your partnership and family
  • divide up household responsibilities by strengths
  • parent more effectively, as a team

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Note: We are based in Denver, Colorado, and we work with clients in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to StrengthsFinder® coaching for couples, we also offer coaching for individuals, teams, organizations, small business owners, consultants, leaders, and coaches.