How To Use StrengthsFinder® To Assign Projects And Roles

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Imagine that everyone on your team knew their strengths and could complete their work using their strengths AND could more fully partner with other team members in areas of non-strength.

StrengthsFinder®, one of the most popular personality tests, takes about 45 minutes to complete online and can do an uncanny job of identifying people’s top 5 strengths.

As a manager, you can use StrengthsFinder® to help team members understand their own abilities, as well as those of everyone else on your team. When each person realizes that everyone is strong in some areas and not strong in others, they begin to trust teamwork. When they learn about their own and each others’ StrengthsFinder® strengths, they begin to trust each other.

Create A Team Responsibilities and Strengths Chart
Once all of the members on your team have taken StrengthsFinder®, a good next step is to create a chart with team responsibilities and strengths. First, determine the team’s responsibilities. Then, look at each team member’s strengths and determine who will do what. When looking at strengths, be sure to not only look for a specific strengths, but also the combination of several strengths.

A team responsibilities chart is great way for team members to know when to use their own strengths and when to rely on a teammate’s strengths. First, determine the team responsibilities. For example: leadership, goal-setting and tracking, accountability, internal and external communication, appreciation and celebration. Next look at each team member and their specific StrengthsFinder® strengths to determine who does what. Look for the possibilities in both one specific strength and several strengths combined.

For example, for leadership, if John has Self-Assurance®, Futuristic®, and Ideation®, he could create a strong vision. If Jennifer has Command®, Connectedness®, and Communication®, she could share the vision. If Sue has Maximizer® and Arranger®, she could set goals, priorities, and deadlines. If Jasmine has Discipline® and Analytical®, she could create spreadsheets and track progress. If Jamal has Developer®, he could support team members in meeting their individual goals.

Consistently Ask How Strengths Contribute To Each Project
The more you bring strengths into every team and work-related conversation, the more team members fully use their strengths. As a leader, create a habit of asking yourself and all of your team members, “How do my/your strengths contribute on this project?”

If No Team Members’ Strengths Fit An Aspect Of A Project
If your team doesn’t have strength in a particular aspect of a project, see if someone from another department would be willing to help. Or consider hiring outside help, such as a consultant, advisor or contractor.

Incorporate StrengthsFinder® Into All Team Meetings
In each team meeting, try to draw attention to people’s strengths. By “strengths spotting,” you can help create a positive team culture. Here are examples:

“Jennifer, I heard your Connectedness® and Communication® at work when you just gave us that update.” “Jasmine, your attention to detail in this spreadsheet really showcases your Discipline®.”

You may find that you have a “strengths champion” or two on your team who excel at strengths spotting. Let them share those talents with the team – everyone on your team will more fully use their strengths – at the right time, on the right projects – if strengths spotting becomes a habit.

We offer customized StrengthsFinder® coaching and training for leaders, teams, and individuals, including remote StrengthsFinder® trainings.

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Ann Strong has more than 25 years training and coaching experience and 20 years experience with StrengthsFinder®. She is based in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico, and works with clients throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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