What Are The Top Strengths That Make A Good Team

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People often ask “what are the top strengths that make a good team,” and there isn’t one answer. Ideally, a team would be comprised of individuals who have a range of strengths, who appreciate other people’s diverse strengths, and who can bolster each other’s areas of non-strength.

StrengthsFinder® (now known as CliftonStrengths®) is one of the best personality tests for accurately identifying people’s strengths, in a way that’s easy for team members to identify with and understand.

StrengthsFinder® is comprised of a total of 34 strengths, and each strength fits into one of 4 StrengthsFinder® domains. Two of the domains relate to tasks and two of the domains relate to people.

StrengthsFinder® Task Domains
Executing: People with Executing strengths make things happen, implement solutions, and turn ideas into reality.

Strategic Thinking: People with Strategic Thinking strengths keep the team focused on what could be, expand the team’s thinking in regard to going forward, and analyze and synthesize information to help the team make better decisions.

StrengthsFinder® People Domains
Relationship Building: People with Relationship Building strengths create people connections, hold teams together, and create groups that are far greater than the sum of their parts.

Influencing: People with Influencing strengths speak up, take charge, make sure the team is heard, help the team reach a broader audience, and sell the team’s ideas within and outside the organization.

All Strengths Have The Capacity To Make Great Contributions On The Team
There are no right or wrong strengths on a team. All strengths make amazing contributions when used well. The more diversity of strengths and strengths combinations in a work group, the better.

Specific projects and task might require certain strengths or combination of strengths. For example, if your team has recently added several team members, you could ask current team members who have Relationship Building strengths in their top 5 StrengthsFinder® strengths to welcome their new co-workers. Or if your team needs buy-in from managers or other teams, you could call forth team members who have Influencing strengths in their top 5 strengths. If your team is on a tight deadline, you could solicit help from team members who have Executing strengths in their top 5 strengths. If your team is doing long-range planning, you could assign team members who have Strategic Thinking strengths in their top 5 strengths.

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Ann Strong has more than 25 years of coaching and training experience and 20 years experience with StrengthsFinder®. She splits her time between Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico, she works with clients throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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