Jess Bray ~ StrengthsFinder® Trainer And Coach

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Achiever®. Empathy®. Discipline®. Deliberative®. Developer®.

These are Jess Bray’s top strengths, and she’s been using StrengthsFinder® – personally and professionally – for more than eight years. She has eight years experience in educational training and coaching and has been training other people and teams on StrengthsFinder® for two years.

Jess loves StrengthsFinder® because it “allows people to celebrate their genius.” She loves training teams of people on StrengthsFinder® “because they learn how to increase their potential for success by utilizing the strengths of each individual so that the whole team benefits.”

Jess earned her bachelor’s degree (Elementary Education) from Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado and her master’s degree (Integrating Technology Into The Classroom) from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Based in Canon City, Colorado, Jess provides StrengthsFinder® training to clients throughout the United States and Canada.