Julie Colman ~ StrengthsFinder® Trainer And Coach

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Julie Colman StrengthsFinder TrainerDiscipline®. Responsibility®. Connectedness®. Maximizer®. Context®.

These are Julie Colman’s top strengths, and since she first discovered the StrengthsFinder® assessment more than 15 years ago, she’s been leaning into them ever since.

Julie has more than 25 years of corporate experience in the healthcare sector, having worked for Cardinal Health, BD, CareFusion and Scripps Clinic.

For the past six years, Julie has conducted StrengthsFinder® workshops and trainings, both remote and in-person, for individuals and teams.

Although Julie has never met a personality test she didn’t like, she finds StrengthsFinder® to be the most useful, because it’s easy to understand initially and remember later. Over the years, she’s seen the impact that StrengthsFinder® can have on people’s personal growth, as well as the growth of teams and organizations.

Julie earned her bachelor’s degree (Marketing) and master’s degree (Business) from San Diego State University in San Diego, California.

Based in San Diego, California, Julie provides StrengthsFinder® training to clients throughout the United States and Canada.